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Newsletter June 2017

An interview with  Carmen Leysner-Homoet

I am Carmen Leysner-Homoet aka Carry Leysner, Lotje, Carmelotje, Carley.

In 2000 I started as a hostess after having worked in the office.
What a great difference it was.
From regular working hours to shifts and surrounded by different people constantly.

At the moment I am the purser of the region which brings along other tasks and responsibilities.

According to Wikipedia a purser is:

A purser makes many hours on board of passenger flights. Before taking off the purser makes sure that the aircraft is clean and/or checks if the right quantity of food is on board. In addition to this the purser also helps with serving meals and drinks.

When taking off or landing the job of the purser is to check whether everyone sits correct in their chair, in an upright position with seatbelts on. The purser is also responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew. You are the one in charge, of what the passengers and crew members need to do, if an emergency occurs on board. So you have great responsibility.

The purser is in charge of the ‘cabin crew’ and is the one who is managing the cabin as well. He for example is the one who welcomes passengers and gives the safety instructions to passengers, while crew personnel do a safety demonstration indicating how to use the life-vests and where the emergency exits are.

In the air the purser not only leads, but also helps with several duties. In larger aircrafts there are two pursers on board, where the one has a managing job and the other coordinates everything else which needs to be done during the flight.

Safety and customer care are the priority of the job of being a purser and a flight attendant as well. That is why I try to be the best I can be.
Being a “people’s person” helps me a lot with my job. It is a challenge to have satisfied passengers each time they leave the aircraft.
If someone boards irritated I will try to make sure that person disembark with a smile.

Some people think that when you are a flight attendant you have a glamorous job. This isn’t true. Flight attendants need to be willing to work hard and need to be stress resistant.
Some say being a flight attendant is more or less as being a glorified maid on board. But this also isn’t true.
Flight attendants are on board for passenger safety and further more for service.

You deal with a lot. Even though the work is more or less the same, the flights vary in crew, passengers and destination.
As a purser you deal with different kinds of colleagues and their characters. Each of the colleagues have their own unique qualities which are used during flights. One for example can remain calm during emergency situations, whereas another can satisfy the needs of a dissatisfied passenger.

At times you come across situations which make you laugh and another time you cry alongside a passenger with a sad story.
To stay professional is the key and carry out the flight in such a way that passengers, colleagues and you yourself are satisfied.

In short, a fantastic job with big challenges.

Inflight entertainment on board of Surinam Airways Airbus A340-313

Passengers, especially on long flights, long for their own TV, iPad, and/or tablet with different kinds of movies, videos, news and/or entertainment on board of airplanes.

The Airbus A340-313 of Surinam Airways from Paramaribo to Amsterdam and vice versa is now fully equipped with a personal system with modern iPads. Passengers on board of these flights are now able, not only to enjoy comfort and service but also digital top entertainment of choice.

Jazz and Latin close to home

These last year’s good Jazz and Latin artists get closer to home. A few years ago you needed to go to Europe or the USA to see a life show of your favorite artist. One of the festivals which gives you the opportunity to have the same experience, after a 2 hour flight with Surinam Airways, is the Caribbean Sea Jazz festival in Aruba.
This year it’s the 11th edition on the 15th and 16th of September. And once again Jazz and Latin lovers are considered. So the last group can literally enjoy Grammy Award winning artist Ruben Blades. This now legendary singer, who was born in Panama, is highly valued as one of the important Latin America voices of his time. His great salsa music such as “ Caminando “ , which is well-known in Suriname, is one of the reasons you can’t stay put during his concerts.
For the people who enjoy Jazz, two interesting artists will take the stage. The one who mentions the name of saxophonist Maceo Parker, immediately thinks of James Brown, the man with whom his career started.
Parker, now 74 years old also stood on stage the past 60 years before his solo career, with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and with Prince.
Eleven albums further and having his own sound, he is still unstoppable.

You also have an appearance by Cory Henry & Funk Apostles. This very gifted keyboard player is best known of his time with Snarky Puppy, but has also played with Yolanda Adams, Boys 2 Men and Bruce Springsteen.
In 2014 his first album came out and he the artist who is frequently asked for shows.

The rest of the program for the 11th edition are further Shirma Rouse with a Tribute to Aretha Franklin and the Caribbean Latin Jazz Express. Enough reasons to visit the dushi island of Aruba on the 15th & 16th of September. Except from the festival you can create unforgettable memories with or without your family.

More information about the festival:
The flying you do with Surinam Airways.
More information about packages: Roseternal Media en Vems Travel Consultancy on facebook.

Residence Inn Paramaribo

Swiet Notto; enjoyable gathering with Surinamese music
To give your stay at Residence Inn an entertaining musical twist, the hotel will organize a special musical night on Friday June 30th. This on the occasion of Keti Koti, the commemoration of the abolishment of slavery which is celebrated each year on July 1.
Our guests can have a nice dinner and drinks while being entertained by the swinging tones of music formation Swiet Notto (Surinamese for Delicious Nut). The band’s performance will be preceded by a Happy Hour at the bar from 20.00 till 21.00 hrs. The motto of the Happy Hour is: “buy 2 cocktails or beers and get 1 complimentary”.
On this night, delicious meals will also be served which our guests can enjoy in an atmospheric and relaxed ambiance.
The Happy Hour with live music is also featured on every last Friday of the month for our hotel guests, as well others who wish to visit Residence Inn to enjoy a delicious meal or just to share a pleasant gathering with friends and acquaintances.

Sranan Kukru; Kwie Kwie Special from the Surinamese kitchen

In Suriname, the month July is known as “Kwie Kwie” month. The “Kwie Kwie” is an armour-scaled Surinamese freshwater fish that is prepared in various ways and it is a true delicacy amongst Surinamese. In the light of this, we will present a special menu in the weekend of
July 21 till 23, 2017, in which this Surinamese fish type will be served as a special.
The ‘Kwie Kwie special’ is prepared in three different ways, each with its own special taste: Kwie Kwie with Chinese tayer in curry sauce, Kwie Kwie in curry sauce with coconut milk and Kwie Kwie in tomato sauce.
Dutch people from Surinamese origin visiting Suriname are in for a real treat and the special is also an absolute must for those who never tasted Kwie Kwie before.
In Restaurant Matutu, our guests can have lunch with atmospheric music and enjoy this enticing “kwie kwie” special, as well as tropical cocktails and exotic snacks.

Eating with your fingers… a truly unique experience!
Residence Inn… More than you Think!

Residence Inn Nickerie

Get Fit 4 a Better Life: Sumba Workout with Diana Ferrier on Friday June 30, 2017

A healthy lifestyle is of vital importance and it is recommended to also maintain a healthy body during your time on holiday. Residence Inn Nickerie will host a Zumba workout on Friday June 30 for both hotel guests and other invitees to take part in a fitness event based on various genres of Latin American dance.
After the workout, the participants can enjoy delicious and healthy drinks at the bar such as smoothies. Fruit bowls and iced coffee or milkshakes are served for those who still crave a calorie-rich drink.

A pleasant night out in Nickerie
In addition to hotel accommodations, Residence Inn Nickerie also offers entertainment for hotel guests and others visiting the western located district of Nickerie.
On Saturday, July 1, Keti Koti is commemorated (celebration of the abolishment of slavery) and on this occasion a special music night will be organized for our guests with musical accompaniment of Reflection, directed by Kees Jagessar. The night will also feature performances from artists from both the Netherlands and Suriname, from 20.00 till 01.00 hrs and the guests can enjoy the tropical rhythms while having a taste of delicious snacks such kibbeling (cod parings), bbq, saté, wings and fries.
Residence Inn… More than you Think!

METS info


Not far from the city of Wageningen in the Nickerie disctrict, 45 minutes by boat on the Maratakka river, lies the tropical Maratakka Resort. Here you can enjoy multiple activities, such as walks through the jungle or visit Cupido, a nearby village. You can also spot otters or manatees in the river and at night you might see caimans! Other possibilities are fishing on the river, or sunbathing and relaxing on the deck.
The Maratakka Tour is in combination with a visit to Bigi Pan, the beautiful nature reserve. The Bigi Pan Nature Reserve is well-known as the breeding ground for numerous types of birds such as the Red Ibis.

Surinam Airways – TUI codeshare agreement

A code share agreement between Surinam Airways and TUI was made contract since December 2016 in which seats are being tapered off of their flights. Since April 2017 TUI already tapered off seats on Mondays and Saturdays on each flight, whereas from July 3rd and then each Monday following Surinam Airways will do that on the very modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane of TUI. The Dreamliner is the type of aircraft of TUI which is deployed on long flights, for example to Suriname. Surinam Airways is also added to the whitelist of TUI since April 20th, 2017.Being added to the whitelist includes that the airbus of Surinam Airways can be hired in the Netherlands without before mentioned consent of Inspection Environment and Transport ( IET ). It is under this same whitelist that Surinam Airways shall execute flights in behalf for TUI within Europe.