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Newsletter November 2016

An interview with the Purser, Gregory Kloppenburg

Gregory Kloppenburg

The recruitment policy of Surinam Airways focuses on driven and motivated young people who are fully committed to do their job properly. Twelve years ago, a motivated young man was hired by Surinam Airways as a cabin attendant. In the meantime, he has worked his way up and has become an exemplary purser. Meet Gregory Kloppenburg.

When Gregory is asked what the purser work exactly entails, he tells the story. A purser is the manager of everything and everyone behind the cockpit, not only of the working staff but also of all passengers. The purser ensures that all ‘cabin matters’ are well taken care of. It’s combination of friendly hospitality, the Surinamese feeling and perhaps most importantly on board, the safety. Furthermore, Gregory says that every flight is unique and always unpredictable. That makes being a purser and being a part of the cabin staff so special. If something is not going well on board, he says, that you quickly need to make on the spot decisions to correct it as possible and ensure that these errors are not repeated. He generally has a nice experience with passengers and after years of experience, he can often distinguish the personality of some of them. Being aboard the SLM has a different feeling, it’s like being at home, a feeling of warmth, delicious food and family. Fly and / or continue to fly with the SLM, is what our purser recommends.

Surinam Airways Business Class Waiver

Business class waiver

Surinam Airways offers passengers traveling in Economy Class the opportunity to upgrade their tickets to Business Class on both the regional and MID-Atlantic route by using the so-called business class waiver. This means that for a small additional charge per person an upgrade to the SLM business class is possible for one direction.

The benefits of upgrading to Business Class are:

  • Check in at the Business Class counter
  • More seat comfort and legroom
  • Excellent Business Class meals

The Business Class Waiver is subject to the following conditions:

  • The validity is in one direction and availability of Business Class seats on the day of departure on the basis of ‘first come, first serve’ principle.
  • Booking and paying for the upgrade only on the day of departure at the JAP airport. Further information can be obtained in advance at the airport at the SLM check-in desk.
  • For travel commencing from Paramaribo and Port of Spain / Georgetown the prevailing business class waiver rate is subject to 8% sales tax, respectively 15% VAT (Value Added Tax).
  • On regional flights children who are 8 years old on the day of departure are also eligible for the Business Class Waiver, however this does not apply for the mid-Atlantic route. On both the regional and the Mid-Atlantic route babies are not eligible for the business class waiver.
  • Applications or reservations for the business class waiver made prior than on the day of departure and elsewhere than the airport are excluded.

Applications or reservations for the business class waiver made prior than on the day of departure and elsewhere than the airport are excluded.

METS: Your best choice for trips to the interior & abroad


METS Travel & Tours (NV METS) is established in 1962. Since its establishment, METS operates as a division of Surinam Airways in offering top quality products arranged in a responsible and sustainable manner. In January 2017, NV METS will commemorate its 55th anniversary!

METS Travel & Tours (NV METS) offers tours to both the interior and destinations abroad and has one of the most popular recreation resorts in Suriname under its management. Colakreek Recreation Park is a nature swim resort, located at only a one hour drive from Paramaribo. It is the ideal spot for a relaxed day out in natural surroundings or overnight stay in one of the holiday cabins.

METS offers tours into the interior to 4 fascinating destinations, all under its own management: Palumeu Jungle Lodge, Awarradam Jungle Lodge, Kasikasima Jungle Expedition and Gran Rio Jungle Expedition. Four unique destinations in the midst of the pristine Amazon rainforest in Suriname.

With regard to travel and tours abroad and airline tickets, the sky is our limit. Based on your wishes, we can arrange a perfect tailor-made tour and travel arrangement, to give you the experience of a truly memorable holiday.

With regard to travel and tours abroad and airline tickets, the sky is our limit. Based on your wishes, we can arrange a perfect tailor-made tour and travel arrangement, to give you the experience of a truly memorable holiday.

Would you like to receive more information on our special discounts and other travel and tour options? Please visit our website ( or contact us at (+597 477088), or visit the METS Travel & Tours office at Dr. J.F. Nassylaan 2, in Paramaribo (Opening hours, Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00).

METS, guaranteed quality!

Matutu Restaurant & Bar launches new menu

Residence Inn

On October 31st 2016 the launch took place of the new menu of Matutu Restaurant & Bar, located in Hotel Residence Inn Paramaribo. About thirty guests were invited to the tasting where they could sample and judge the new dishes. For the assessment each guest was given a rating form on which they could select a rating of ‘fair’, ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. The appetizer consisted of a cassava cream soup and it was judged by most invitees with ‘excellent’. The main dishes (poached fish fillet with shrimp, pepper steak pasta, oriental chicken and osso buco) were each served in small portions. Again, the reviews were positive to very positive. Matutu has a special kind of ambiance. Namely, the garden where not only ornamental plants and a well-though-out image scape create an exotic atmosphere, but also the local resident iguanas of Residence Inn contribute to the lively and natural decor of the hotel.

At the end of the evening all guests were given an in-house credit card. This is a membership card which allows members to use all the products and services of the hotel without having cash at hand, of course, upon presentation of the card. The bill will be sent afterwards and in addition a 10% discount will be received on all that was consumed.

The cost for the in-house credit card is 20 SRD and it can be ordered via or by calling: 521 414.

It is also the intent to schedule the renewal of the menu of Residence Inn Nickerie shortly.

Matutu Restaurant & Bar is open daily from 06.30am – 10.30pm and can be reached at: 521414 or 473429.

Reservations are recommended.

Suriname Tourism Foundation launches tourism app


Want to learn Sranan Tongo (Surinamese language) or curious about the latest developments in the Suriname tourism sector? Then the Suriname Tourism Foundation (STS) app is the right tool!

It has recently become possible for both Android and iOS (Apple) users, to download the tourism app and gain access to information about fun activities, attractions and discounts in Suriname.

According to Jerry A-Kum, director of STS, this initiative provides the tourism sector with the opportunity to offer its products and services. For the advertiser this app means greater visibility of services and thus an improved presentation.

In the past few years, the use of mobile apps increased rapidly worldwide. The convenience of handling or following business affairs on your mobile makes these apps very popular. And the Suriname Tourism Foundation makes good use of this technological trend.

The STS has already received several positive comments about the app. With this application it contributes significantly to the promotion of tourism in Suriname. Indeed, the app is also interesting for those who wish to gain more in-depth knowledge of Sranan Tongo!

What the tourism app offers additionally:

  • What the tourism app offers additionally:
  • Places to stay, so information about hotels, lodges, resorts, guesthouses and apartments.
  • Where to eat: find information about eateries in Suriname.
  • Nightlife in Paramaribo and other parts of the country.
  • Share photos with friends and family through social media.
  • And yes, you can also create your own bucket list, thus saving all the information relevant to you.

The Suriname Tourism app is definitely worthwhile. The Suriname Tourism Foundation is convinced that it will make your vacation even more fun, adventurous and undoubtedly more memorable.

Suriname Tourism Foundation